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A sneaker that combines wear-anywhere design with a personalized fit.

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Model Two in Evergreen

We’ve carefully taken into consideration the dimensions of each part of your foot, including shape! Your model is our Fit Two and it should have the right heel and toe fits, as well as overall volume for you. Your heel should feel snug but not too tight in this model, the midfoot will be secure and the toe box will be the shape of your particular foot to give you a just-right feel.

Care Instructions

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

What You'll Love:

Toe Box Variations

Different toe boxes work for different folks. Hilma created a few options, from more square to tapered, to match your unique needs.

Cushioned Tongue

Lock in your laces as you like without top of foot irritation.

Lateral Side Toe Guard

Protects you from kicked up debris as you go where the road takes you.

Not Your Average Widths

Some brands offer a couple widths of the same shape, but Hilma fits vary in volume, width by area and shape.

Lugged Outsole

Trust this tread on the streets and beyond. Our rubber outsole offers traction that scales up to moderate trails.

Breathable Mesh Upper

Keeps you secure in your shoe, but stays breathable and never swampy.

Sneaky Lightweight Cushion

Hold a Hilma in your hand and you’ll be surprised how light (yet durable) they are.

Sugarcane-Based EVA

Better for the planet than petroleum based-EVA without sacrificing on performance. Because we like earth, how about you?

8mm Offset

Works with your gait and strike patterns.